Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Marijuana

Call our office today for a free consultation of your charges and get all your options before you speak to anyone regarding your case. Patrick Brooks handles drug charges including: possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth, ecstacy and prescription pills. Serving all of Shelby County TN including Bartlett, Germantown, Millington, Cordova and Collierville. Call (901) 726-0111 today. Our attorneys are standing by to consult with you regarding your possession of marijuana and/other drug charges. Remember you don’t have to plead guilty! Let a Memphis criminal attorney speak with you before you speak with anyone else including the authorities.

When you have been charged with possession of marijuana or another controlled substance (cocaine, prescriptions, heroin) Do you have to plead guilty? NO. Was the search constitutional? Maybe. What are my options? Brooks Law Firm is in the business of giving people the best defense possible and to make sure that innocent until proven guilty is not just an empty phrase. Brooks Law Firm takes your drug charge seriously and understand how these kind of criminal charges can affect you employment, family and ability to be free of intimidation and the stress that can often follow a drug charge. Whether it is a minor marijuana charge or something more serious, Patrick Brooks is ready to help with your marijuana charges in Memphis and Shelby County TN.

Shelby County Possession of marijuana Criminal Attorney


Have you been arrested and charged with a serious crime? Do you feel powerless against the criminal justice system. Here at the Brooks Law Firm we make sure your voice is heard. We can guide you through the often confusing criminal process. Our goal is to Protect your rights, raise all your defenses and give you the best chance of having your charges dismissed. Your initial consultation is free. Sometimes it is imperative we meet in jail or even the police station to protect your rights. We are dedicated to providing the highest degree of representation with prompt and diligent attention to detail. Most people have only one chance to hire the right attorney. Here at Brooks Law Firm we make sure you know all the facts and information regarding your charges to help in making that decision easier. At Brooks Law Firm our Criminal Defense Drug Charge Attorneys will protect your rights when you are charged with possession of marijuana.

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of midtown and is wheel chair accessible. Spanish interpreters are available. Defense attorneys are standing by to consult with you regarding your marijuana charges. We handles matters in Germantown, Cordova, Collierville, Bartlett, Millington and Memphis as well as surrounding counties.