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Tennessee’s law governing DUI and related automobile offenses are constantly changing.[pullquote] It is important to know the implications of pleading to a DUI and refusal to submit to Blood Alcohol Test.[/pullquote] (1st) DUI is a misdemeanor that carries a mandatory 48 hours to 11 months and (29) days in jail, blowing .20 BAC or greater requires a minimum of 7 consecutive days in jail and all first offenders are required to participate in alcohol and drug treatment program for violation of 55-10-401. If it resulted in a crash or injuries you may be required to pay restitution.
Refusal to submit to Breathalyzer test, results in a one year revocation of your license. Refusing to comply with implied consent statute does not mean you have to plead guilty to a DUI and you can still receive a restricted license for that year. Second offense of refusing to submit to blood alcohol test is revocation for two years. If there is an accident or death involved it can increase the period of revocation under Tennessee Law.
• Receiving a (2nd) DUI requires mandatory minimum of (45) days in jail, revocation of your license for two years, you vehicle can be subject to seizure in addition to fines ranging from ($600-$3500), restitution and requirements of an interlock device on your car if (2) convictions within (5) years.
• Receiving a (3rd) DUI carries mandatory jail time of (120) days in jail, fines ranging from ($1,100-$10,000), revocation of your license for 6-10 years and no restricted license is available.
• Receiving a (4th) and subsequent is (1) year in jail with a minimum of 150 consecutive days served.

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