Criminal Justice

  • 4closureFraud

    " was created to help anyone who decided to look for the truth against the frauds that have been perpetrated on Americans facing the loss of everything they ever had."

  • A Child is Missing: The International Child Abduction Blog

    Blog is about the laws surrounding international child abduction, specifically concerning The Hague Child Abduction Convention.


    "Devoted to international crime and justice issues. Each month the blog focuses on a specific topic with authors and guest contributors contributing related writings."

  • A Criminal Enterprise

    "We started this blog to think about criminal law issues beyond the scope of our respective caseloads. We hope that by taking the pulse of criminal law news and scholarship (including relevant developments in other fields), we can create a bridge between people in scholarship, policy, and law practice. The posts inevitably reflect our own views, which are largely informed by our experiences representing indigent capital defendants in the South."

  • A Public Defender

    A Public Defender has posts about about criminal law, recent opinions and proposed legislation, sometimes with a Connecticut focus.

  • A Reasonable Suspicion

    "Commentary on criminal law news and issues."

  • Abolish the Death Penalty

    An advocacy blog published by the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Features personal stories of crime victims, death row inmates and activists. The blog mission is to "put a human face on the debate over capital punishment."

  • Alabama DUI Lawyer Blog

    "Reviews DUI cases, reports and legislation in Alabama."

  • Albany Lawyer

    "About law and life in Albany, N.Y."

  • Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Blog

    "Reports on criminal law news, cases and opinions in New Mexico."

  • appellatesquawk

    "Appeals with attitude." Most posts, sometimes illustrated, take a humorous look at criminal justice topics with a focus on New York.

  • Arbitrary and Capricious

    Arbitrary and Capricious summarizes and links to news about public defenders, criminal justice and juvenile justice.

  • Arizona DUI Defense Blog

    "Arizona DUI law and defense, vehicular crimes law, and driver's license issues."

  • Arkansas Criminal Appeals

    Discusses criminal court cases in front of the Arkansas Court of Appeals and Arkansas Supreme Court.

  • Arkansas Criminal Defense Blog

    General information, commentary on criminal defense stories, Arkansas-specific posts.

  • Art Law

    "Recent developments in art litigation and art finance."

  • Ask a Question to a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

    Readers can "ask a legal question to a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney," and the author will answer.


    Posts are addressed to teens and cover how the law may affect them, such as First Amendment issues in schools, cyberbullying and litigation brought by teens against other teens, charges relating to parenting decisions.

  • Atlanta DUI Attorney Law Blog

    "Discusses Georgia DUI laws, penalties, and other important information about DUI in Atlanta."

  • Attorney Richard T. Jones

    "Common and not-so-common questions about DWI and criminal arrests and procedures are answered here."

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