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Jeff Flax's Medical Related Resources

  • Super Sites
    Diseases Database
    Doctor's Guide to the Internet
    EINet Mega List
    Edmund's links to the Medical Professions
    Forensic Science by Zeno
    Glossary - Multilingual (technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages)
    Health & Disability Index Page - Huge Index of Specialty Sites
    Hardin Meta Directory of Medical Sites - excellent patient information
    Dr. Koop Consumer Health
    Health Canada
    Locator Plus - Medical Literature Search from NLM
    MEDEXPLORER - Medical Info Specific Search Engine
    MED HUNT - Another Medical Info Specific Search Engine
    Medical Virtual Library - Extensive W3 Index
    MEDSCAPE - Thousands of full-text articles, medical news, free Medline, etc.
    Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapies - Comprehensive reference
    MerckSource - Patient Info.
    Multimedia Medical Reference Library
    Normal Lab Values from Merck
    OncoLink -- Cancer Information
    Physician Locator from AMA
    Physician's Guide to the Internet
    PubMed - Medline Search Engine
    WebMD Today
    Yahoo Medical Index

  • Mental Health and Psychiatric
    Alcoholics Anonymous
    American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Depression Central (Dr. Ivan)
    Divorce Support Page
    Emotional Trauma by David Baldwin
    Medical and Mental Health Links
    Mental Health Links from Tennessee Criminal Law Defense Resources
    MENTAL HEALTH NET - Search Engine
    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
    Psych Central - Psych Resources
    Psychiatry and the Law Resource (J.F. Hooper)
    PsychNet (American Psychological Association)
    Psych Web
    Yahoo Mental Health Index

  • Pharmacological (Drug) Related Sites
    Clinical Pharmacology
    Drug Dosages in Medical Emergencies
    Drug Interaction List - RxList
    DrugText Substance Policy Pages
    MedicineNet Drug Index
    Pharmaceutical Information Network
    PharmWeb - Pharmacy Information Resources
    RxList - Internet Drug Index

  • Publications and Journals
    Journal of the Amer. Med. Assoc.
    Clinical nutrition articles
    Index of International Medical Journals
    Medical Breakthroughs E-Zine
    New England Journal of Medicine On-line
    Reuters (News) Health Information Services

  • Other Medical Sites
    ACHOO Directory of Medically Related Sites
    AIDS - National AIDS Clearinghouse
    American Medical Association
    Anatomy and Physiology Resources on the Web
    Anatomy Projects
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Clinical Criminology
    Dermatology Diseases - Information Sheets
    Dermatology - Electronic Textbook (Telemedicine)
    Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics
    Drugs, Drug Testing, Narcotics - Detailed Info
    Emergency Medicine and Primary Care
    Emergency Nursing World
    Family Medicine - Clinical and Academic Medicine (LSU)
    Family Practice Handbook from Univ. of Iowa
    Geriatrics - Merck Manual
    Health Lawyers (AHLA)
    Junk Science Page by Steve Milloy
    Medical Malpractice Page from 'Lectric Law Library
    Medical Education Page
    Medical Encyclopedia - Patient Information
    Medical Forensics
    MedicineNet - Patient info site
    Medicine On Line, Inc. - List of On-line References
    Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
    National Library of Medicine (NLM)
    Neurology Links
    Neurological Exam
    Nursing on the Net
    Orthopaedics - Wheeless' Textbook of ...
    PathWeb (pathology)
    Pediatric Links and Resources
    Personal Injury Law Resources
    Physical Therapy Web Space
    Physician Identifier Number Look-up (UPIN)
    Primary Care Links
    Sexual Assault Information Page - DOJ
    Toxicology - EXTOXNET (EXtension TOXicology NETwork)
    Travel Health Online
    Veterinary Resources
    Virology on the Web
    Virtual Medical Center (Martindale)
    Visible Human Project
    World Health Organization

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