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Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Supernova: Hubble Catches Stellar Explosions

Supernovae are intensely bright objects. They are formed when a star reaches the end of its life with a dramatic explosion, expelling most of its ...  > full story

Universals of Conversation: Words Like 'Huh?'

A word like 'Huh?' -- used when one has not caught what someone just said -- appears to be universal: it is found to have very similar form and function in languages ac ...  > full story

High-Energy Physicists Predict New Family of Four-Quark Objects

An international team of high-energy physicists says the discovery of an electrically charged subatomic particle called Zc(4020) is a sign that they ...  > full story

Gut Reaction: Effect of Diet, Estrogen on Gut Microbiota

Scientists have studied the effect of diet complexity and estrogen hormone receptors on intestinal microbiota. ...  > full story

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Chemistry Of Cooking

A biochemist and cook explains that cooking is all about chemistry and knowing some facts can help chefs understand why recipes go wrong. Because. ...  > full story

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