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Criminal Attorneys for Representation in Criminal Defense, Juvenile, Civil Forfeiture Asset Recovery, Probation Violations and Traffic Tickets.

Criminal Attorneys Brooks Law Firm Memphis

You are Welcome to contact us by telephone, E-mail, using the form provided below or at our office. Once contacted a member of our staff will speak with you to discuss and answer any of your questions or to set an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys in person. We value and respect your privacy. Brooks Law Firm will work across judicial divisions, handle the difficult hearings and provide dedicated trial representation. Please do not hesitate to ask any question you might have regarding your case, we always strive to provide an answer to the best our ability. All conversations with prospective and current clients are kept confidential and information given is protected. Contact us at TEL (901) 324-5000 – Brooks Law Firm is located in Midtown at 2299 Union Avenue, Memphis Tennessee 38104.

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