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Criminal Offense of Robbery  and Aggravated Robbery in Memphis Tennessee.

Defense Attorneys of Brooks Law Firm offer representation for Robbery, Aggravated Robbery, and Especially Aggravated Robbery charges.

Robbery – 

(a)  Robbery is the intentional or knowing theft of property from the person of another by violence or putting the person in fear.

(b)  Robbery is a Class C felony with a range of imprisonment from 3-15 years and fines up to $10,000 dollars.

Aggravated robbery –

(a)  Aggravated robbery has the same elements as robbery including the intentional or knowing theft requirement accomplished by violence or fear with additional requirements that it is:

(1)  Accomplished with a deadly weapon or by display of any article used or fashioned to lead the victim to reasonably believe it to be a deadly weapon; or

(2)  Where the victim suffers serious bodily injury.

(b)  Aggravated robbery is a Class B felony with a range of imprisonment from 8-30 years and fines up to $25,000 dollars.

Especially Aggravated Robbery – 

(a) Especially Aggravated Robbery is a Class A felony with a range of imprisonment from 15-60 years and fines up to $50,000 dollars.


Brooks Law Firm handles various criminal matters include: robbery, assault, BUI, burglary, DUI, DWI, drug charges, domestic violence, gun crimes, suspended licenses, vandalism, warrants, theft, conspiracy, speeding tickets, white collar crime, federal criminal defense and state/federal criminal appeals. Our Criminal Defense Firm will protect your rights in every stage of your criminal case. Whether it be a preliminary hearing, suppression hearing, bond reduction hearing, probation violation or a criminal trial. Civil forfeiture and seizures can have a devastating effect on your family and business. Hire an attorney that can protect your property rights and fight to recover your assets. Conspiracy and money laundering charges are very fact oriented cases that require time and attention to detail. Brooks Law Firm provides representation in step with today’s technological advances. Surveillance and wiretap methods have become an increasingly contested area of constitutional law. Let our criminal law firm answer any of your questions regarding your robbery charge.


Brooks Law Firm represents those accused of robbery. Talk to one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Memphis Tennessee today. Call our office for a free consultation of your robbery charge (901) 324-5000.

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