CDL Ticket

CDL Ticket Commercial Driver’s License



Drivers must have there CDL ticket dismissed or you will incur points on your record

CDL drivers are not allowed to take defensive driving to keep a CDL ticket off their record. They must challenge the actual merits of the charges in order to keep it off their record. If you have legal grounds to challenge the sufficiency of evidence against you, Patrick Brooks will provide a strong defense. Federal law requires states to report convictions within 10 days and may not allow typical remedies to keep their records clear. You do not have to plead guilty or pay a fine, you can challenge your charge in a court of law. If you have a CDL and received a ticket in your personal vehicle it can still impact your CDL record in much the same ways as actually driving a truck on the job. Consult with an experienced attorney who will give you all your options first and mount a defense if possible. Call our office today for a free consultation of your CDL License ticket (901) 324-5000.

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