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Tennessee law enforcement agencies take selling alcohol to minor very seriously. A considerable focus of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission is on the sale of alcohol to minors. The TABC often uses undercover agents to see whether businesses or individuals are checking ID’s and complying with the law. Those charged with selling alcohol to a minor may be subjected to fines, the loss or suspension of their driver’s license, hundreds of hours of community service, and more. This can effect your ABC license and your ability to work at certain businesses including convenience stores, gas stations, bars and restaurants.


These charges can have drastic effects on your life and may affect your permanent record. If you have been charged of selling alcohol to a minor, you should immediately contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer who can explain your options to you. Patrick Brooks is respected by judges and prosecutors, and can help you make the right decision. Below is an overview of TCA 39-15-404, the statute related to selling alcohol to minor:

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Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to Minors, TCA 39-15-404: In Tennessee, anyone purchasing alcohol or beer must have their I.D checked because it is illegal to sell or provide alcohol to minor – someone under the age of 21. Everyone must be carded, and the TABC regularly and aggressively checks for compliance. It is not uncommon for sellers of alcohol to forget, make mistakes, or be fooled by fake identification. Often minors may try to ask friends or other people who are 21 or older to purchase alcohol for them, but it is also a violation to buy or obtain alcoholic beverages or beer for the use of a minor. You may also be held responsible if you are the owner of property and allow an underage adult to consume alcoholic beverages on the property.


Punishments: A violation of TCA 39-15-404 Selling alcohol to minor is a Class A misdemeanor, and in addition to the regular Class A penalties, the offender can be sentenced to hundreds of hours of community service. In addition, the court may send an order for denial of the offender’s driving privileges, or suspension of their license. Further, if you are found guilty you may lose your ability to serve alcohol or beer for up to 10 years. Businesses may be subject to an investigation by the TABC or Memphis Beer Board violations.


Defenses: Defenses to the charge of selling alcohol to a minor do exist. However, whether they apply to your case will depend on the facts. You do not have to plead guilty. An experienced criminal defense attorney can examine your case and determine whether defenses exist and negotiate with prosecutors and judges on your behalf. Regardless of whether you think you are guilty or innocent, you have options and should consult a lawyer because the consequences are serious.

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