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Being Charged with Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Charges Can Have Serious Consequences. It is important to Know Your Rights and Options. We handle simple possession/ casual exchange, conspiracy and intent to manufacture, deliver and sell drugs.

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When you have been charged with possession of controlled substance (amphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, heroin, etc.) Do you have to plead guilty to a drug charge? NO. Was the search constitutional? Possibly. What are my options? (Guilty Plea, Suppression Hearing, Dismissal and Trial by judge or jury). Brooks Law Firm is in the business of giving people the best defense possible and make sure that innocent until proven guilty is not just a phrase. Brooks Law Firm takes your drug charge seriously and understands how these kind of criminal charges can affect your employment, family and ability to be free of intimidation and the stress that often follow a drug charge. Whether a minor marijuana drug charge or something more serious, Brooks Law Firm is ready to help. Simple drug possession, conspiracy and intent to manufacture, distribute and sell can have serious consequences depending on the gradation of felony you have been charged with. Attempt, Facilitation and Solicitation involve different elements the state must prove in order to obtain a conviction. You have a right to challenge not only the reasonable suspicion or probable cause in which the stop or search was based, but the way in which the arrest was effectuated. Remember the State has the burden of proof in any drug prosecution. You are innocent until proven guilty and must insist on the fair, orderly administration of an impartial justice. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a drug crime, you have the absolute right to remain silent and it is in your best interest to talk to a defense attorney about your options first and foremost. Brooks Law Firm offers a free initial consultation of your criminal charges so you best know how to proceed. Many times with felony drug offenses the state will attempt to seize your car, house, money and possessions they allege are proceeds of drug profits. Seizures are handled separately with hearings that can involve different levels of proof in order for the state to succeed in keeping your assets. You have time limitations in which to challenge these takings and different venues available in order to challenge your charges. Amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana and prescription pills depending on type and amount will effect the grade of felony and penalties you face. Brooks Law Firm is here to help. 

Shelby County Drug Charge Attorney

Have you been arrested and charged with a serious drug offense? Do you feel powerless against the criminal justice system. Here at the Brooks Law Firm we make sure your voice is heard. We can guide you through the often confusing criminal process.

Our goal is to Protect your rights, raise all your defenses and give you the best chance of having your charges dismissed.

Your initial consultation is free. Sometimes it is imperative we meet in jail or even the police station to protect your rights. We are dedicated to providing the highest degree of representation with prompt and diligent attention to detail. Most people have only one chance to hire the right attorney. Here at Brooks Law Firm we make sure you know all the facts and information regarding your charges to help in making that decision easier. At Brooks Law Firm our Criminal Defense Drug Charge Attorneys will protect your rights.

Brooks Law Firm is Criminal Defense in Memphis, Shelby County and West Tennessee. Call (901) 324-5000.

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