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Probation Violation  Tennessee Code Annotated § 40-35-311

If you are on probation, and a judge learns that you have broken any laws, or violated the terms of their probation, he has the power to issue warrant for your arrest. You will then have to defend against the claims that you violated your probation.

If the judge finds that you have violated the terms of probation by a preponderance of the evidence, your probation can be revoked, as well as the suspension of your sentence. You could have the original judgment entered and have original probation converted to jail time.

If the judge does revoke your probation, you do have the right to appeal. You will want to contact an experienced attorney capable of defending you. Brooks Law Firm tries to educate you and guide you like a mentor to prevent violations technical or otherwise which could lead to the revocation of your diversion,  probation, or worse. There are various factors considered in the petition to revoke your probation or diversion. You have the options of having a hearing on the merits or trying to negotiate a settlement of the allegations. Brooks Law Firm has over thirty years of experience in handling criminal charges and violations of probation. Call (901) 324-5000 for a free initial consultation of your case and review your options.

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