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Protecting Your Rights Demands Detailed Analysis of Your  conspiracy money laundering and drug trafficking charges

conspiracy/ money laundering

Essentially the offense of conspiracy is committed by two (2) or more people, with intent to engage in a criminal act with a common purpose, and each acting to promote or facilitate the commission of an offense. When you are charged with drug trafficking, conspiracy and/or money laundering charges it can be confusing and surprising to see it include dozens of individuals many of which you do not even know. Both State and Federal authorities often employ pen register and trap and trace devices as well as cell site date and wiretaps orders. All applications for data and records must comply with constitutional rights privacy protected by the United State and Tennessee Constitution.

Conspiracy money laundering,  drug trafficking charges can be used to indict multiple individuals into a single indictment reducing the governments workload and increasing their likelihood of conviction. Many times affecting the individual defense strategy and the state’s evidentiary and tactical advantage.

Conspiracy continues until the object is completed whether that be the transport and sale of drugs, weapons or merchandise. Often times the government can create a vast conspiracy with weak and disparate connections and you need a good defense attorney that understands the case weaknesses and defenses to unfair or arbitrary links in the conspiracy. As always it is important to minimize your exposure by either showing you are not a part of the conspiracy or acted in a harmless relationship. Constitutional issues almost always arise as to whether the government is entitled to charge as is or their ability to collect the information used. Patrick Brooks will always take the time to adequately identify and raise all issues and defenses at your disposal.

Have you been arrested and charged with a serious crime? Do you feel powerless against the criminal justice system. Criminal Defense Attorneys for conspiracy money laundering charges can help. Here at the Brooks Law Firm we make sure your voice is heard. We can guide you through the often confusing criminal process. Our goal is to Protect your rights, raise all your defenses and give you the best chance of having your charges dismissed. Your initial consultation is free. Sometimes it is imperative we meet in jail or even the police station to protect your rights. We are dedicated to providing the highest degree of representation with prompt and diligent attention to detail. Most people have only one chance to hire the right attorney. Here at Brooks Law Firm we make sure you know all the facts and information regarding your charges to help in making that decision easier. White collar crime can involve fraud, embezzlement, forgery, identity theft, etc.




Our Law Firm is committed to handling all your legal needs with the compassion, care and diligence you would expect from an attorney. We make sure your rights are protected when you are charged with conspiracy money laundering.


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